How To Dowes; Wand or Bobber
Dowsing Bobber or Dowsing Wand.
A dowsing bobber or dowsing wand is a dowsing tool which is not much used;
but by the people who use them they are loved. I use one myself and I like it; it is
like a horizontal pendulum but much more responsive and much quicker than a
pendulum. These bobbers can be used outside in the wind unlike L rods
because if the wind blows the bobber into a arc the tip still responds in the
normal way

You program the bobber to your 'yes' and 'no' and 'do not know' or 'neutral'.
Then use just like a pendulum but out in front of you at 90 degrees to your body.
You can use them just like a pendulum facing down if you like but it is up to you
whatever feels right for you.

If you have not tried one they are great fun and different to use, very quick
reaction. These bobbers are a must for any Dowser or Healer. I have sold
many bobbers to healers and have had reports that they are one of the best
healing aids for finding blockages and an aid to diagnoses in all fields, ideal for
Crystal healing.

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