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We all have the inner knowing of what is best and worst for us. Sadly we do not act on or trust this  information that comes from us. However this information is from us so who better to give this  information to us. This information comes without an agenda or gain but still we reject it, why?

Logic, history and habit are working against your inner knowing allowing you to reject the best  information.  How many times have you had the feeling to use another route home or not to go to some event or  party or just to say no to something? Habit, history and logic prevents you from taking the alternate  route and you get delayed by that train or accident or roadworks, even worse you end up in the  accident. Your inner knowing knew, you just did not take heed. How about that event or party which  ends up being a total disappointment and waste of your time?  Will you listen to yourself the next time you get the feeling to stay home? Probably not.

  Staying in the same mind space allows logic to tell you not to be silly and if you change your plans  you might miss out on something. History will say it has been OK in the past so why change it?  Habit will say I will have to find something new or change, why should I? So there is a need to introduce a method of indicating your inner knowing to your physical  awareness without going through the filter system of logic, history and habit.  Dowsing will bypass the logic, history and habit filter and will deepen your communication with your  higher self.
Types of Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing.
Using a weight on the end of a thread.   More

L Dowsing Rods.
Using a pair of L shaped rods.  More

Counterbalance Dowsing Rod.
Using a pair of rods with a weight behind the handle.   More

Dowsing Bobber or Dowsing Wand.
Using a single flexible rod with a weight on the end.   More

Body Dowsing.
Using you whole body as a pendulum.   More

Finger Locking.
Place your thumb and index finger together creating a loop, now put your other thumb and index finger together in the  loop creating a chain link with these fingers.  More

Finger Rubbing.
Place you thumb and index finger together and gently rub them together. To see the difference, ask what is yes and  what is no. More
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How to Dowse