What is  Dowsing.
The Art of Dowsing covers the fundamentals of what is dowsing and How
to dowse.  This covers Dowsing Rods and Pendulum Dowsing. Other
aspects of Dowsing are covered from body and finger dowsing. There is
also a Shop for all dowsers to find a gem like a dowsing wand or bobber.
Dowsing is using an instrument as a translator of messages or
information from your higher self. Everybody is capable of accessing the
information from their higher selves, but most have forgotten or don't know
how to communicate with the higher self. Dowsing enables us to access
information that has been blocked usually by ourselves from our higher
self, or Universal knowing.
Once you have mastered your YES and your NO movements of the
dowsing rod or dowsing pendulum or any other dowsers instrument you
are using, you are ready to start. The question has to be asked in a very
precise way so that there is a YES or a NO answer. There is one other
answer and that is ‘you have to find out for yourself’ or 'the journey to
locate the answer is more important than the actual answer'. In my case,
using a pendulum Or a Bobber, my YES is clockwise. My NO is
anticlockwise and my” " I'm not going to answer the question or it is better
for you to find out yourself”  is a to and fro motion.
The first thing you must learn about dowsing is there are no rules! If someone tell you what your YES and NO should
be, run a mile, they just do not get dowsing. You must listen to your body and accept the YES and NO given to you
by your body. Your YES and NO may be completely different to anybody else's, but just stick with it. It's your
language and your body so be true to it.

Dowsing is all about confidence only ask once and be confident that the answer is correct. Do not go into a best-of-
three or best-of-five just to get the answer you want. I am asked, can you influence the pendulum or the dowsing
rod. My answer, yes. Let me give you an example. If you had the opportunity to go to a foreign land for a long break
or work or even a holiday and you really wanted to go but it didn't seem the right thing to do or it would be awkward
or you would let people down by going. If you were to dowse this, chances are the answer would be to go because
you wanted it to be that answer. To get a truthful answer for the question that is best for you, use 'blind dowsing'.

Blind dowsing. Ask your question then get three pieces of paper and print upon the paper three different answers.
Example 'yes ' 'no'  'neutral'. Now fold the piece of paper so you cannot tell the difference between the three. Mix
them up and place them in front of you making sure you do not know which one is which. Now asked the question
and dowse over each piece of paper to ask which answer is correct for you at this time. As you do not know which
answer you are picking it becomes a 'blind dowse'. So the answer should be the best for you.

There will be dowsing charts to download for free. These charts can be used by dowsers in conjunction with the
pendulum. There will also be charts that can be used in conjunction with dowsing rods or dowsing wand/Bobber.
These charts will give you the opportunity to practice as a dowser to improve your skills and gain knowledge of

To become a proficient dower does take practice and determination and above all confidence in your ability
because you will be making some very important decisions  using a dowsing pendulum or a set of dowsing rods or
you may call them divining rods. So start simple and don't make huge decisions until you are confident in your
dowsing ability. Above all, do not  check your work by trying to dowse for the answer more than once.

Take your pendulum or dowsing rods and have fun. You may find that dowsing becomes part of your life.

One final word of advice always ask if it is appropriate to 'ask questions of your pendulum or dowsing rods' (you
should get a yes). Also ask are the answers that the pendulum or dowsing rods give you going to be truthful and in
your best interest (you should also get a YES if you get a NO try later or change the question).

Happy  dowsing.

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